Angela, MBA, Louisiana

"I have yet to honestly meet anyone I feel would not just understand, but actually help me. Your teaching give me hope that I can keep moving forward. Thanks Deb!"

Lisa, LCSW, U.K.

"During the course, I kept falling back onto a specific situation. Once during class it came up. Debbie asked me to expand on it. As I did, there came a point where she said, "I felt something shift, did you feel it?" I didn't, and I'm a therapist. Debbie helped me implement the SSL skills I needed to be able to coach myself."

Janie, Dementia Caregiver, Ohio

"I have had a very troubled past. Taking this course brought up a lot for me. The guidance Debbie gives throughout this course is priceless. She's in her element here. There were several times when I could not get past something and she held my hand until I understood. She's an excellent coach and teacher!"

Laura, Regenerative Business Developer

"This program comes from an intention of love that permeates the structure and design in its program and workbook. But it was practicing and experiencing love-in-action
with this learning community that made it a living curriculum. Developing these skills has enabled me to be the change I've always wanted to be."

Stefanie, Occupational Medicine Physician

"I found the skills presented in this course to be profound, transformational, and life changing. I'm applying these tools in my practice as an Occupational Medicine Physician, and developing an additional practice as an Environmental Health Coach."

Amelia, CEO

"Just completed the course with Debbie and it was AMAZING! She was an enthusiastic and engaging coach who had an incredible depth of knowledge. Through her guidance and support, I have truly changed my mindset. Now whenever I find myself drifting into negative self-talk, I remind myself the power my thoughts have on my reality. By shifting my thoughts to the positive and clearly visualizing what I want most, I feel empowered to live the life of my dreams!"

Jeanna, Therapist

"What strikes me is how simple, but profound, the tools are. They're easy to understand and easy to try, and it seems there's so many different ways to engage with them, so many levels, on the surface then a little bit more and a little bit more. I can see how you can keep using them and keep going and keep getting deeper."


Sarah, Veteranarian

"Really good progression from one class to the next. The Fear-to-Love Spectrum tool is a different type of tool than I've seen before and I can see so much potential with it."

Cori, Medical Field

For me, this class was about Self-Love in terms of re-discovering that in myself, but along the way I found self-respect. In a sense of I deserve the things I would love to have in my life, it's not just a want for me. I deserve it. I have found my voice."

Alana, RN

This 4-week course absolutely changed the way I look at every relationship and interaction. No longer is connection out of reach, but instead something tangible that I can feel and see improving every single day.
Highly recommend.