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Courage, Risks & Rewards

Taking Chances to Change Your Life


3-Hour Self-Paced Course


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How can you know when taking a chance is a good thing to do? What happens if you make a mistake? 

Courage, Risks & Rewards (CRR) is the definitive course that teaches you when a risk is a healthy risk and when it's not, when you should go for it, and when you should trust your inner gut. Find out more about this self-paced course that gives you the courage and motivation to step out in life and start taking healthy chances.

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Learning to Love

3 Essentials Skills to Creating Connection


4-Week Course


Want to know the #1 secret to loving others no matter what? You must first learn to love yourself. When you love yourself, you stop taking things personally, you learn to connect, you no longer feel like something's missing. There are 3 specific topics that are critical and essential to loving yourself so you love others no matter what. This 4 class course is an introduction to the skills and information taught in the Thrive No Matter What Program.



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Thrive No Matter What!

Even in the Midst of Uncertainty


Full 3-Month Program


Learn new ways of being. Create better connections and relationships. Find deeper meaning and purpose in your life. Thrive No Matter What is an invitation to know yourself deeply, not just intellectually and conceptually, but where it really counts ... emotionally. If you've tried everything else and still feel like something's missing, then this is the program for you. It is a profound life-changing program, both personally and professionally.



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