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What to expect

Private Coaching is the catalyst that will help you create amazing, life-long, positive results and help you lay the strong foundation for a successful and fulfilled life. You and I will need to be really honest about where you are. We'll determine where you’d like to be, uncover what your blocks are, expose the current challenges you are facing, and plot a course to to get you there. 

In your sessions we'll strategize together on the best methods for you to reach your goals utilizing exclusive resources to help you move forward.

My job is to help you move through your situation to the other side. I'll help you assess your situation, support you in moving beyond your current challenges, create greater certainty, and help you get the results you want. I'll teach you a process to better help yourself for your next steps, and help you create the clarity, courage, and confidence to take the wheel when you're ready. I'm not looking for you to be dependent on me long-term, but for you to learn what you need to feel secure to move forward on your own ... but only, of course, when you're ready.

My sincere desire is to create a safe, open, compassionate space, where you'll not feel blamed, shamed, criticized, or judged, but will feel seen, heard, valued, and supported at every turn. 

I'm here to walk this path with you, as far as you feel you need me.

What you'll receive: 

  • Personal attention for your specific situation.
  • An initial assessment.
  • You'll feel seen, heard, and valued.
  • Someone listening deeply to your needs and wants.
  • Understanding and having compassion for what's going on.
  • A roadmap that leaves you feeling excited.
  • Compassionate accountability to help you get to your goal.

I'm here to help you.

Coaching is right for you if:

  • you're ready and committed to making positive change.
  • you want better relationships.
  • you want your life to feel exciting and alive again.
  • you're yearning for less stress and more calmness.
  • you're having challenges with family members.
  • you're looking for your life's passion, meaning, worth.
  • you want to reach your next professional level.

No need to keep suffering.

In the past we've helped:

  • Coaches in a variety of fields
  • Change-makers
  • Visionaries
  • Doctors
  • Physical Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Admins
  • Parents
  • Partners/Spouses
  • Leaders in various industries
  • Military members
  • Those with addictions

...and many others.

Included in all coaching bundles:

  • Personal assessment
  • 1:1 time with your Personal Coach
  • Sessions are considered "time flexible" 
  • Compassionate accountability with simple action steps for success
  • Session recap
  • Both day and evening times are available (certain Saturdays)
  • See Coaching Bundles for additional specifics

Get on the right path.

Scroll down to schedule a free relaxing chat with me. After a few questions, I'll help you determine which path is best for you. If you'd like to see my coaching bundles, scroll all the way to the bottom.

If cost is an issue, please let me know as I do have some sponsorships.
Don't let your fears stop you from doing what you know is right and good for you.


Many people are not clear on what they want, what they'll get, or if I can help them.
That's why 
I invite you to schedule a complimentary visit with me.

Here's a little info you may find useful:
To discover the answer, we'll need to have a little visit.
You'll schedule time on the calendar below.
There is no charge and no obligation.
Within 20-30 minutes, and a few specific questions, I can usually figure out if I can help you.
I don't work with people unless I've spoken with them first.
I share the coaching options prices because that is information you need to know.

Here's a little more info you may want to know:
I only take on clients that I feel confident I can help because what I do is very specific.
This is not a "let me sell you" session - this is a "see if I'm confident I can help you" session.
If I feel I can help you, I'll offer to work with you.
If I feel I cannot, I will tell you that.

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