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How to: Self-Love

At what point is it time
for you to take care of you


You've spent all your adult life giving to others, and it's been a blessing to have done so.

But now your kids are grown, your job's done, life feels settled, you've accomplished a lot.

Yet, here you are overwhelmed, over-achieved, overworked, and feeling lost, wondering...

What's next for me? What's best for me?

With all the go, go, go, what is it I'm doing with my life?

How do I start to care for myself? 

How can I shift what I feel? Is it even possible?

If these types of thoughts are running through your mind, let me assure you


You Are Not Alone!


Many women at a certain point realize so much of their time was spent helping and caring for others. The unfortunate affect of this is all too often your dreams, wants, and needs get forgotten. You look in the mirror and wonder what the next version of yourself will look like. Will you ever be able to love and care for yourself the way you care for others?

Where before you were busy taking care of others, now you're feeling it's time to also
take care of you.

Where before it may have felt selfish, now it's feeling
necessary and important.

Where before your focus was outside yourself, now you're feeling it may be time to
focus inside.


Like a stone splashing in the water, the impact of learning to love and care for yourself on a deep level will naturally force out ripples that positively affect every aspect of your life ... your home, family, business, volunteering, community, and so much more.


In the Learning to Love Course you will have experiential participation in recognizing and feeling what self-love feels like, how to gently shift out of negative self-talk, and how to bring patience, compassion, calm and peace into your life (aka transforming away from overwhelm).

When you have self-love, self-care, and self-respect your relationship with yourself grows, you stand taller because you are more clear about your direction, your eyes glow because of the love shining through, your lips smile because of the renewed self-respect, and your heart is happy because the overwhelm is dissipating.

Maybe it's time for you to love and take care of you!


The Learning to Love course offers you a clear path.

As you make a difference in your life, you make a difference in the world.

And the world needs you!

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Results You Can Feel:

+ greater inner calm through transforming overwhelm

+ deeper self-knowing through clarity

+ higher levels of self-worth and self-love

+ improved self-awareness and empathy

+ sharpened clarity toward your (new) purpose

+ more meaningful connection to yourself and others

+ kind and compassionate moving out of fear and into love

+ insightful ways to experience love-in-action

Course Expectations:

 + live online group course

+ 2-hr classes live via zoom

 + 4 consecutive weeks

+ group coaching

 + learn life-enriching skills, techniques and frameworks

+ experiential, intimate activities

+ small group sharing (2-3 people)

+ large group sharing and takeaways

+ ways to continue moving forward at course end



Your foundation of awareness.

Observation is at the very heart of getting to know yourself. With compassion and without judgment (like looking through a video camera), you observe what’s going on inside yourself: your self-talk, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, your readiness to connect, your common first reactions. In this way, your patterns and habits of overwhelm are revealed.


Your realization of connection.

Love isn't just an emotion ... it's also an action. It's something you choose to practice every day. It's you learning to embrace yourself with the same empathy, kindness, support, and playfulness as you do others. Self-love is a journey that takes practice and skill. You begin with understanding what self-love is (as a skill), and then learn - over time - how to put love into all your actions.


From Fear-to-Love

Your actualization of change.

You are most likely a creature of habit, tending to create the same unwanted results repeatedly. Your current thinking is often an unconscious pattern that is reactive. No one can change others nor make them act different. But you can change yourself. Change begins with looking at your own thoughts, behaviors and patterns. Here is where you bring the unconscious into the conscious mind.

Best 4-week course ever! I went from living in a state of overwhelm, always trying to make sure I did enough to please everyone but I totally forgot to take care of myself. I can't believe how much I learned about myself in such a short period of time. Do yourself a favor and check out the Learning to Love course. It'll change your life!


                                                  ~Patricia, New Orleans, LA

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4 x 2.5 hr. online classes are on TUESDAYS (October 4, 11, 18, 25)

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Upcoming Learning to Love courses in 2023:

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Debbie Pearson, Owner & Facilitator

Inner Mastery Learning Center

It's people like you that brought me to the place of teaching the art of skillful loving. Having been where you are - overworked, over-achieving and overwhelmed - I had been wondering what my purpose was. What worked before was no longer satisfying. I was feeling a lack of fulfillment and tired of the grind. I spent so much time worrying about what others thought of me I forgot how to truly connect with other people. What I came to learn is being able to honor and love yourself is priceless. During the learning, feeling love for myself started showing up. I now wake up each morning with peace in my heart. I have a beautiful, exciting and fulfilling purpose for these next chapters in my life - but without the overwhelm and stress. My relationships are so much richer, and community is an unexpected bonus. What I do now comes from a place of Love ... not the emotion, but the action. Love-in-action.

I invite you to discover the magic that is Love-in-action.

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