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Fulfillment, Connection, Self-Acceptance

There's a Method to the Magic!

What would your life be like if you could give yourself the kindness and compassion you've given to so many others over the decades?


 Like most women, you've cared for others, given too much of yourself, you've smiled over the pain, you've juggled too much.

You have a lot of successes to be proud of, but now you realize it's time to start paying attention to yourself.

Overwhelm creates guilt and shame.

Stress causes people to self-medicate.

Over-giving ends up in resentment.


Are you ready to start your radical and unconditional self-love adventure?

We know that:




Welcome, you're in the right place. 


"What strikes me is how simple, but profound, the tools are. They're easy to understand and easy to try, and it seems there's so many different ways to engage with them, so many levels, on the surface then a little bit more and a little bit more. I can see how you can keep using them and keep going and keep getting deeper." 

~Jeanna, Therapist

 Do you find yourself saying YES!
to any of these statements?


I'm smart, savvy and successful but still feel like something's missing.

I'm yearning for a more valuable connection with myself.

I'm seeking new ways for my daily actions to align with my deepest values and goals.

I honor my past, yet feel what used to serve me no longer does, and I'm ready for what's next:
new compassionate ways of being, new inspirationally asked questions, new emotionally healthy responses.

I've spent most of my life serving others, and I love what I've done, but this pull inside of me to do something for me keeps growing stronger.

I know I'm being called in a direction, but I feel a lot of guilt in fulfilling my own needs.

I find myself looking for a new kind of freedom, one that encourages exploration, wonderment, and curiosity; something that allows me to give myself wholeheartedly without resentment.

I'm ready to connect with awareness, kindness, gratitude, compassion, and understanding ... beginning with myself.

I'm looking for greater self-love, self-compassion, and self-clarity in all aspects of my life.


Millions of smart, savvy successful women around the globe are going through the exact same awareness as kids leave the nest, after a divorce, caring for elders, or even retirement. The question asked is often, "How do I love myself the way I've loved others?" The answer is to enroll in the Master Self-Love course where you will learn to love yourself in an emotionally healthy way!

enroll in the exclusive inner freedom program

"For me, this class was about self-love in terms of re-discovering that in myself, but along the way I found self-respect. In a sense of I deserve the things I would love to have in my life, it's not just a want for me. I deserve it. I have found my voice."

~Corey, Medical Field


  • Escape from the detrimental compassion fatigue, burnout, and isolation while feeling more alive and connected.
  • Participate in a space of "unusual safety and incredible respect" as you treat yourself with value and appreciation.
  • Discover the precious place within where self-love begins, find deeper connection within yourself.
  • Enhance your communication skills, and transform your listening skills.
  • Align with your deepest values and goals as you breathe new life into your own being.
  • Go from being dependent on others for your self-worth, to discovering it inside of yourself.
  • Learn to say "yes" when you mean yes, and "no" when you mean no, as you practice listening to yourself gaining a deeper appreciation of who you are.
  • Experience the same compassion, empathy and love you've given to others for decades.
  • Communicate more authentically and create deeper relationships as you learn to be real with yourself and each other.
  • Embrace your emotions as gifts showing you the way to increased energy and greater joy.
  • Live from a higher state of awareness while you identify what it means to lead with your heart.
  • Witness your skilled personal and professional next-level transformation.
  • Use "what's next?" as a delightful and enlightening exploration into deeper levels of self-love, self-knowing, and discovering your own best answers.


Practicing the life-enriching essential skills,
you will naturally experience a
profound sense of well-being and inner freedom.

It's not magic, it's a method.
You can do it.
I'm here to show you how.

What this Program Requires of You:

  • Commitment and all-in participation.
  • Your time, energy, and desire to be and do better, even if it is step-by-nano-step.
  • A desire for inner freedom, so you can enjoy the same patience, kindness, compassion, and empathy you've given to others for decades.

While this course may, at times be intense,
it's worth


Life-Affirming Skills!

With the tools offered in this program and some powerful, compassionate coaching, I shifted from being reactive and ready to fight, to responding and no longer needing to fight. I went from being dependent on others for my worth, to discovering it inside myself.

I was stuck in old beliefs that didn't serve me, and with my new skills, I now create new life-affirming ones. And so much more!

~Dee Anders, Major, USAF


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Inner Freedom Program:

Mar 9 - Jun 15

6-8:30pm CT
online via zoom

enroll in the exclusive inner freedom program

Debbie Pearson, Owner & Facilitator

Inner Mastery Learning Center

What I love about teaching this program is how it engages all of you. What you learn are new ways of using your mind to observe things and people, how to shift out of negative perceptions (which were created unconsciously), how to understand what your body and emotions are trying to tell you, and how to form deeper connections. All of this begins with you, the individual, but then something magical happens. Like the ripple effects of a stone dropping in the water, you newfound elevated awareness positively affects all those around you.

This quantum self-love consciousness program encourages greater autonomy and personal control, ways to maintain and sustain yourself even during upsetting and troubling times, and to grow emotionally stronger which shows up as ever-increasing levels of individual freedom. 

I first learned about this type of conscious work through the Center for Self-Sustaining Leadership® and found great respect for its well-rounded, logical, step-by-step approach to greater awareness and fulfillment. I knew I wanted to teach others what I've learned, and continue to learn. From there, this Learning Center and all the courses and programs stem from the masterful self-sustaining leadership® model.

I've watched time and again as students shift, change, adapt, and grow. I've seen years of emotional pain and upset lifted, anxiety released, and overwhelm calmed down, leaving space for increased self-esteem and intimacy, deeper connection to self and others, and troubled relationships re-kindled. I've watched women find new levels of fulfillment, clarity and self-love. I've heard story after story about lives having a deeper sense of purpose, and greater joy and happiness. Another benefit is you learn how to create exciting new possibilities, explore new ways of establishing loving boundaries, and how to shift towards a peaceful mind, a calm body and a satisfied soul.

The Mastering Self-Love program will equip you with the tools needed for transformative change and growth. What once seemed unsolvable will suddenly have the potential for resolution. Your old lens of perception and understanding will be replaced with a new clear-eyed perspective with which to respond in far more emotionally intelligent ways.

Love on you!


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