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Be Seen, Heard, and Valued

From Surviving to Thriving


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I have just one question ....

Are you someone who never feels good enough, no matter you're accomplishment?

If you answered Yes, then keep reading, because you may have just found what's been missing for you.


What would it be like to be seen, heard and valued?

 If you're like many, you look around wondering what others know that you don't. You wonder why you care so much and do so much for others but they don't seem to return the favor. You stress over whether others like you or not, and end up putting yourself last ALL THE TIME.

So ... what would it be like to be seen, heard and valued?

Imagine feeling happy, but even more than that - joyous even. Imagine experiencing life from the perspective that you don't even need another to validate you. What would that be like? And what if you suddenly started feeling worthy, and lovable, and valued yourself? What would happen if you were confident, realized that you are "good enough", and deserving, and no longer felt anxious?

What would that be like?


That WILL be what it's like after you take the 
Be Seen, Heard, and Valued Program

Be Seen (for short) is a reflective, experiential, and interactive program for women who are ready to experience life from a place of being seen, being heard, and being valued. It is a supportive place of sharing, interacting, and connecting. You'll experience a positive effect on your personal and professional relationships beyond any you've ever experienced before. Your emotional wellbeing will be powerfully enriched. How you interact and communicate with others will be greatly improved. Managing your stress and anxiety will be immeasurably better.

You will come away with an awareness mindset, new set of essential and beneficial life skills, an abundance of resources and a strong support system to live your newly defined life full of competence, capability, clarity, and confidence.

The purpose of this program is for you to be able to love and lead yourself - with assistance, of course - to a place of unapologetic authenticity. That might sound a little scary now, but it's only because you don't yet have the frame of reference from which to truly understand the important step you're about to take.

Are you feeling a little shaky?

If this scares the be-jesus out of you ... then you are DEFINITELY in the right place!

This is what you've been yearning. 

This is what you've been driven to find.

This is what you've been searching for.

That shaky feeling is the inner you realizing this program will actually take you where you've been asking to go.

If you've found your way here, you've been yearning for answers, you've been asking Love (God, Goddess, higher power, the Universe) to bring you to the place that will give you what you've known has been missing but had no words to articulate.

How do I know this?
Because I am you. I know the yearning. I was driven. I was searching.
And, I've found the answer.

The BE SEEN program is your answer!

Are you ready to make a change that will CREATE BALANCE in your life? 

 ... B A L A N C E ...

+ balance in all areas of your mind, body, soul, and personal philosophy/spirituality

+ skills, knowledge and frameworks for your highest good 

stop the worry, diminish the anxiety, and control the fear

+ end feelings of unwanted and unnecessary guilt

+ experience newfound peace and calm inside

+ move from surviving to genuinely thriving

+ practice and experience love-in-action every day




Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way!


Do your kids question you, and you're frustrated you can answer them with satisfying responses?

Are you looking for that promotion but fear is ruling you because you know there's something you're missing, or you're scared they're going to find you out?

Are you in an organization or corporate leadership position but find your direct reports aren't giving you the respect you deserve?

If so, it's sounds like you could benefit greatly from the Be Seen, Heard, and Valued course.


Are you ready to start your radical and unconditional quantum connection adventure?

Don't let the word "quantum" scare you. More than anything else, it means becoming aware of parts of you that you've (probably) never engaged with before. These parts weren't taught in most families, schools, organizations, or businesses. 

What it does is show you how to fully love yourself, giving you the confidence to love and lead others.
Learn what it means to:

connect with other in truly intimate, deep-felt ways
meet people where they are for greater understanding
listen deeply and reflectively so people know they've been seen, heard and valued
listen to yourself deeply and reflectively so that you can validate yourself
understand "the" need your inner self is trying to express
experience the feeling of continued accomplishment and fulfillment

Learning to love and lead yourself brings the clarity, confidence, courage, and compassion for your to win your world!

Applying the essential skills, frameworks, and profound information in this course, you'll watch your life change and unfold into greater and greater depths of self-love. As you learn, love and lead yourself, your ripple effect will expand out farther than you can ever imagine ... but first, you.

Here's what Jeanna has to say:

"What strikes me is how simple, but profound, the tools are. They're easy to understand and easy to try, and it seems there's so many different ways to engage with them, so many levels, on the surface then a little bit more and a little bit more. I can see how you can keep using them and keep going and keep getting deeper." 

 Do you find yourself saying YES!
to any of these statements?


I've participated in other courses but always felt like there was something missing.

I'm yearning for a more valuable connection with myself.

I'm seeking new ways for my daily actions to align with my deepest values and goals.

I honor my past, yet feel what used to serve me no longer does, and I'm ready for what's next:
new compassionate ways of being, new inspirational questions, new emotionally healthy responses.

I've spent most of my life serving others, and I love what I've done, but this pull inside of me to do something for me keeps growing stronger.

I know I'm being called in a direction, but I feel a lot of guilt in fulfilling my own needs.

I find myself looking for a new kind of freedom, one that encourages exploration, wonderment, and curiosity; something that allows me to give myself wholeheartedly without resentment.

I'm looking for greater self-love, self-compassion, and self-clarity in all aspects of my life.

I'm ready to connect with awareness, kindness, gratitude, and understanding.

I know I must learn deeply who I am before I can expect others to accept my authenticity.


Millions of intelligent and successful women around the globe are going through the exact same awareness after kids leave the nest, after a divorce, after a promotion, after getting to the height of their career, after a failed project. 

Three questions I often get are:

Why do I still feel like I'm not enough, even after all I've achieved?

How do I give to and love myself the way I've given to and loved others?

 Why do I have so much trouble trusting other people, especially those I love?


While these may seem like wildly different aspects, they arrive from the same basic place.

Many of us were raised with feelings of scarcity, uncertainty, resistance and fear ... all of which leads to separation.


Most people know what they don't want ... which is more of that.

But when I ask clients what they do want, it's often difficult for them to articulate.

The Be Seen program will teach you what you need to know to feel better, love greater, trust more, and live without shame, guilt, or anxiety.


See if you fall into either, or both, of these categories:

>>> you want more abundance, love and connection

>>> you want more purpose, meaning and fulfillment

If this sounds like you, then I believe you would greatly benefit from the Be Seen, Heard, and Valued Program.

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"This program comes from an intention of love that permeates the structure and design in its program and workbook. But it was practicing and experiencing love-in-action with this learning community that made it a living curriculum. Developing these skills has enabled me to be the change I've always wanted to be."

~Lauren, Business Developer


  • Escape from the detrimental compassion fatigue, burnout, and isolation while feeling more alive and connected.
  • Participate in a space of "unusual safety and incredible respect" as you recognize your value and contribution.
  • Discover the precious place within where self-love begins.
  • Enhance your compassionate communication skills, and transform your listening skills.
  • Align with your deepest values and goals as you breathe new life into your own being.
  • Go from being dependent on others for your self-worth, to discovering it inside of yourself.
  • Learn to say "yes" when you mean yes, and "no" when you mean no.
  • Discover a deep inner connection as you practice listening to your own understanding and appreciation of who you are.
  • Experience the same compassion, empathy and love you've given to others for decades.
  • Create deeper relationships as you learn to be real with yourself and others.
  • Embrace your emotions as gifts showing you the way to increased energy and greater joy.
  • Live from a higher state of awareness while you identify what it means to lead with your heart.
  • Witness your skilled personal and professional next-level transformation.
  • Use "What's next?" as a delightful and enlightening exploration into deeper levels of self-love, self-knowing, and discovering your own best answers.


Practicing our life-enriching essential skills,
you will naturally experience a
profound sense of well-being and inner freedom.

It's not magic, it's a method.
You can do it.
I'm here to show you how.

What this Program Requires of You:

  • Commitment and all-in participation.
  • Your time, energy, and desire to be, do better, have better, even if it is step-by-nano-step.
  • A desire to lead and love yourself, so you can lead and love your family, team or organization.
  • Immense inner freedom, so you can enjoy the same patience, kindness, compassion, and empathy you've given to others for decades.

While this course may, at times be intense,
it is worth


Life-Affirming Skills!

With the information, skills and tools offered in this program and some powerful, compassionate coaching, I shifted from being reactive and ready to fight, to responding and no longer needing to fight. I went from being dependent on others for my worth, to discovering it inside myself.

I was stuck in old beliefs that didn't serve me, and with my new skills, I now create new life-affirming ones. And so much more!

~Deb Pearson (Yes, that's my quote from when I first took this course!)

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 Be Seen, Heard, and Valued

From Surviving to Thriving

Mar 9 - Jun 15

6-8:30pm CT
online via zoom


Included in this purchase:



videos, downloads, quizzes, articles and more

course and materials


Included in this program:

Live interactive, experiential classes via zoom

Access to course content, workbook, downloads, videos, etc.

Anchoring of lessons through reflective participation in three categories

Private coaching, group coaching, and support throughout the program

Intimate engagement with small group activities (2-3 people)

Large group takeaways, reflections and sharing

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Debbie Pearson

Owner, Facilitator, Coach

What I love about teaching this program is how it engages all of you... mind, body, soul, and your personal philosophy. What you learn are new ways of using your mind to observe events, situations, and people, how to shift out of negative perceptions (which were created unconsciously), how to understand what your body and emotions are trying to tell you, and how to form deeper connections. All of this begins first with you, the individual, but then something magical happens. Like the ripple effects of a stone dropping in the water, your newfound elevated awareness positively affects not just you, but all those around you.

This quantum, self-love, heart-centered, powerful, consciousness connection program encourages greater autonomy and personal control, ways to maintain and sustain yourself even during upsetting and troubling times, and to grow emotionally stronger which shows up as ever-increasing levels of individual freedom. Leading yourself begins with you knowing yourself in ways most of us were never taught. 

I first learned about this type of conscious work through the Center for Self-Sustaining Leadership® and found great respect for its well-rounded, logical, step-by-step approach to greater awareness and fulfillment. I knew I wanted to teach others what I've learned, and continue to learn. From there, the Inner Mastery  Learning Center and all the courses and programs stem from the masterful and profound Self-Sustaining Leadership® model.

I've watched time and again as students shift, change, adapt, and grow. I've seen years of emotional pain and upset lifted, anxiety released, and overwhelm settle down, leaving space for increased self-esteem and intimacy, deeper connection to self and others, and troubled relationships re-kindled. I've watched women find new levels of fulfillment, clarity and self-love. I've heard story after story about lives having a deeper sense of purpose, greater joy and happiness. 

The Be Seen, Heard, and Valued: From Surviving to Thriving Course will equip you with the tools, skills and frameworks needed for transformative change and growth. What once seemed unsolvable will suddenly have the potential for resolution. Your old lens of perception and understanding will be replaced with a new clear-eyed perspective with which to respond in far more emotionally intelligent ways.

Learn to first lead and love yourself so you can successfully lead and love others with clarity, compassion,consideration, and connection.